Air India passengers can upgrade to business class or first class for a fixed fee using the airline’s ‘Get Up Front’ offer.

Upgrades can be purchased at any of Air India’s booking offices, at the airport, via the call centre or online for what the carrier calls a “nominal cost”.

For domestic routes, it’s possible to upgrade from economy to business class for a fixed price of INR 4,000 for routes up to 750km, or INR 7,000 on routes over 750km.

Prices vary for international routes and can be seen online.

As a guide, it costs a hefty USD 1,220 to upgrade from economy to business on the Mumbai/Delhi - New York sector. Business to first is USD 1,600, while economy to first costs USD 2,500.

Indian flights to London cost USD 580 to upgrade from economy to business, or USD 600 for the jump from business to first.

Upgrades to business class from economy on Middle East flights start at USD 125.

Subject to availability, all passengers can take advantage of the offer, including revenue and non-revenue ticket holders (though only revenue ticket holders using the offer are entitled to lounge access). Indicated prices are subject to 12% GST.

The scheme is due to expire on March 31, 2020. For more information and full terms and conditions, visit Air India.