The 787-9 features British Airways' smallest first class cabin, with just eight seats in total, arranged in two rows with the seats in 1-2-1 configuration. To compare, BA’s other aircraft have up to 14 seats in first.

The only drawback to flying on this relatively new plane (BA took delivery of its first 787-9 in 2015) is that there’s only a single bathroom in the first cabin - though with a maximum of seven fellow passengers, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Last year, the airline announced a series of improvements to its first class product, with better bedding, a redesigned meal concept including canapes and new partnerships with Temperley (for amenity kits and sleep suits) and Meridian (noise-cancelling headphones).

A few months after the rollout of the new service, I was able to take a flight in BA’s 787-9 first class cabin from London to Nashville - an eight-hour journey.

Although some of the seats are already showing their age, I’m always excited to fly in this aircraft with British Airways.

After settling, in passengers were served nuts, water and champagne. In first class, British Airways serves Laurent Perrier Grand Siecle, which retails for around USD 150 per bottle.

I then had chance to take a look around my seat, which was extremely stylish and definitely a notch above BA’s older cabins.

The new Temperley washbags were handed out before take off and we were soon on our way to Nashville.

The catering on this flight was absolutely fantastic, though you can’t always say the same when the food isn’t loaded in London. I decided to have a long, leisurely lunch and enjoy as many of the dishes as possible.

The menu read as follows:

The meal service began with canapés.

From the appetiser selections, I tried the asparagus and the soup.

For main course, I had the beef - and the presentation was worthy of an Instagram post.

Along with the beef came a selection of sides - another recent introduction to the BA first class meal service.

Cheese was a step too far, but I did save some room for the rhubarb dessert - which was delicious.

Of course, the first cabin features a fully-flat bed, though I didn’t sleep on this daytime flight (despite how much I had just eaten!).

I watched TV for a few hours, and enjoyed drinking from BA’s new wine glasses.

Around an hour an a half before landing, an afternoon tea was served, including sandwiches, filled rolls and mini-cakes served with the drink of your choice.

I’m sure a lot of passengers love this, but personally I would prefer to have the choice of a second hot meal service.

After an indulgent eight hours, we arrived in Nashville on time.

What do you make of British Airways’ first class service?