Ever fancied spending thousands of dollars on a fancy bus trip to Europe? Here’s your chance!

Adventures Overland is selling the world’s longest bus ride - with a big price tag

Adventures Overland is a Haryana-based travel company that’s already famous for putting on self-drive expeditions all over the world, including journeys where participants drive their own cars from India to Europe.

Other trips include a winter drive in Russia, and an expedition to Jordan.

The company’s founders, Sanjay Madan and Tushar Agarwal, are holders of a Guinness World Record, after they completed the longest journey by car in a single country by clocking up over 10,000 miles on their travels around Australia.

The duo’s latest idea is to recreate the spirit of the swinging sixties, when groups of Europeans following the “Hippie Trail” would pack onto coaches for the long slog to South Asia.

This time around, the trip will be undertaken in reverse - and there will be plenty of creature comforts when the ‘Bus to London’ hits the road.

In the words of the founders:

“Adventures Overland is all set to launch its very own dream bus which will recreate that vibrant era gone by, but with utmost comfort and luxury. How would you feel about becoming part of the longest bus journey in the world spanning two continents, 18 countries and covering 20,000 km?”

So what’s the deal?

Adventures Overland is selling just 20 “business class” seats on its luxury bus - though each space for the full journey will cost around £15,000 (USD 20,000).

The journey will take around 70 days and will take in 18 countries, though a departure date in May 2021 is yet to be fixed, owing to the coronavirus pandemic.

After departing the Indian capital, the bus will head to China, via Myanmar, Thailand and Loas. Leg two takes in the cities of the old Silk Road in central Asia before continuing on to Moscow.

The final leg will see the bus travel through eastern and central Europe before reaching the UK capital.

Sanjay and Tushar say:

“As part of the journey, you will explore thousands of pagodas in Myanmar, meet rare species of Giant Pandas in Chengdu, hike the Great Wall of China, visit the historic cities of Bukhara, Tashkent and Samarkand in Uzbekistan, and cruise on the Caspian Sea in Kazakhstan. You will unwind in historic European cities such as Moscow, Vilnius, Prague, Brussels and Frankfurt before concluding the journey in London.”

The price includes hotels stays, transport on the bus, meals and visas fees.

For more details, including the route and pricing, visit the Bus to London website.

Summing up

Sanjay and Tushar look to have hit on another great tour. While the steep USD 20k price tag will put most of us off, they only need to fill 20 seats each way.

Travelling between the UK and India by road would be a dream trip and I would seriously consider joining one of the company’s expeditions (though I think I would prefer to drive, rather than be a passenger on the bus).

What do you make of the new “business class” Bus to London?