After trimming service during coronavirus, Emirates is ready to bring back some of the bells and whistles it has become famous for - with a few tweaks.

Emirates reopens onboard bars and showers

First class passengers can again look forward to taking a shower at 40,000 feet, now that Emirates its reinstating some of its pre-covid onboard treats. After carrying out a review of health and safety measures, the Dubai-based carrier is reopening its A380 lounges and shower spas.

The A380 lounge, available for first and business class customers, will serve as a takeaway bar, offering limited seating capacity and social distancing protocols in place.

The bar continues to serve wines, spirits, soft drinks and pre-packaged snacks for customers to take and enjoy in the comfort of their own seats. Social areas on Boeing 777 aircraft have also reopened.

First class passengers can again take a shower on the A380 and will be given luxury spa products in individual amenity bags. The sets include products from Irish organics brand VOYA, as well as a disposable bath towel and a menu to choose additional amenities.

‘Signature’ dining service reinstated

From November 1, Emirates says it will reinstate its ‘signature’ onboard dining service, while observing strict hygiene protocols. Customers in all classes will receive multi-course meals and can choose from a complimentary selection of beverages including wine and beer, as well as juices and soft drinks.

In economy, customers can choose from two wines, while in business class, six wines, including port and champagne, are on offer.

The lucky few in first class can take their pick of 11 wines, including a dessert wine, port and Dom Perignon champagne. Cocktails will also be served in premium classes.

In business and first, Emirates is also bringing in a nutrient-rich welcome drink for the winter season, called Vitality Boost. The airline’s chefs and nutritionists have created a blend of apple, ginger and hibiscus to give customers a health kick on their journey.

The vegan, nutrient-rich drink is packed with antioxidants, and free from gluten and added sugar. Customers will still be able to choose from a range of welcome drinks, including champagne and other juices.

Finally, the Emirates app has been enhanced to allow customers on board to browse the menus on their personal devices, both online and offline, with the latest app update.

Emirates passengers also receive free, global cover for coronavirus-related costs, including medical expenses, should they be diagnosed with COVID-19 during their travel while they are away from home. The cover is for customers flying on Emirates until December 31, 2020, and is valid for 31 days from the moment passengers fly the first leg of their journey.

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Summing up

Emirates is making moves to provide something close to its pre-covid service, with the reopening of its famous shower spas and onboard bars. There’s a full range of booze for premium customers, as well as a new Vitality Boost welcome drink.

Are you looking forward to flying Emirates anytime soon?