With the coronavirus spread coming somewhat under control, many countries have started to ease their lockdown rules. Among them is India, which has given a green light to the domestic flights (as of May 25, 2020). I have covered an attractive deal to Hong Kong, though if you choose to travel to other cities in East Asia, I have included some good deals to them as well.

Singapore Airlines’ cheap business class fares from Kolkata to Hong Kong

Today’s deals come from Singapore Airlines, a member of the Star Alliance, and certified with 5-star airline rating by Skytrax. Singapore Airlines has a fleet of 137 aircraft, including the A330, A350, A380, B777 and B787. The business class fares I am covering today are for travel from Kolkata to East Asia.

The first is for INR 65,500 (USD 868) for round trip business class from Kolkata to Hong Kong. It can be found using ITA Matrix, and you can read more about that in our article on flying in luxury for less.

This fare is available from September all the way till March 2021.

Singapore Airlines’ A350 business class awaits you on both the legs between Kolkata and Singapore. SQ has a good hard product on its A350 business class along with great food, entertainment, and a very warm service.

While flying from Singapore to Hong Kong, you are going to fly the new business class seats on SQ’s Boeing 787, and the Boeing 777 on the return leg between Hong Kong and Singapore.

For members of the Singapore Airlines’ KrisFlyer program, this journey earns a total of 8,494 miles, and Air India’s Flying Returns members will earn the same.

With Hong Kong airport gradually reopening for transit passengers, supported with good progress on the covid cases, it looks like travelling to Hong Kong will soon become a possibility.

Other destinations in East Asia: Taipei, Taiwan

If you intend on visiting other cities in East Asia, there are attractive deals available from India to Taipei, Tokyo, and Seoul, though none of them are as attractive as Hong Kong.

The trip above to Taipei is from and to Kolkata, priced at INR 67,000 (USD 888). This fare is available from August till the end of November.

The plus point of this deal is that both the legs between Singapore and Taipei are on Boeing 787. This journey earns you a total of 9,512 miles on your KrisFlyer membership, and its the same on Air India’s Flying Returns program.

From being safe, to having amazing public transportation and being a bike friendly city, Taipei provides the assurance that every tourist finds themselves in need of. Now that we have our ‘needs’ out of the way, here are a few things that all of us ‘desire’; amazing food, cutesy culture and night markets to name a few.

Tokyo, Japan

The trip to Tokyo is also from and to Kolkata, and is priced at INR 81,000 (USD 1074).

SQ is flying A350 between Kolkata and Singapore and for the segment - Singapore to Tokyo, they have the Boeing 777. The plus point of this deal is the return leg from Tokyo to Singapore, which is on A380 business class. Pro tip: If you are a couple flying together (on the new A380 business class product), get the middle seats as they turn into a double bed. Thank me later. ;)

Singapore Airlines' new A380 business class

This deal is available from September to mid-November and this journey earns you a total of 12,830 KrisFlyer miles, the same as Air India’s Flying Returns points.

Apart from being the city of the rising sun, if you just set aside the predominant idea of Tokyo being one of the most expensive cities, you will be surprised at how much the Japanese culture has to offer. Ohh, and the maid cafes.

Seoul, South Korea

The final deal for today is for Seoul from and to Kolkata. The cheapest I have found for this deal is INR 72,979 (USD 966), but that's only available for the month of October 2020.

Otherwise, the fare is widely available for INR 84,000 (USD 1114) - first in August, and then again from November all the way through till March 2021.

You can expect to find yourself flying SQ’s A350 throughout all the legs of this journey, which in total earns 11,692 miles for KrisFlyer (as well as Air India’s Flying Returns members).

I have a personal attachment with this city, after travelling here for medical purposes (back in 2014), and I have nothing but good things to say about it. From dancing in the heart of Gangnam on the tunes of ‘Gangnam style’, to being welcomed wherever I went as if one of their own. The difference in their culture is overwhelming, which in itself is enough for me to visit them again.

Summing up

With the covid cases somewhat controlled in East Asia, and India starting to ease its lockdown restrictions, it seems very likely that these travels are going to be possible in the near future.

All the above fares are from and to Kolkata, which present the best deals available with Singapore Airlines. There are deals available from other cities in India with SQ, though none of them as attractive as the ones I have mentioned in this article. Here's one from Mumbai:

These fares are really attractive and the good thing about them is that you are flying with a Star Alliance member, and get to experience a five-star carrier. Also the layover in Singapore means that you will be able to try the Singapore Airlines’ Business class lounge at Changi airport.

Even though some of the fares I have mentioned are only available till the end of November, they just seemed too good to pass. Keeping in mind the lockdown restrictions, if all goes well, even those fares can very well be materialised.

What do you think about these fares? Would you be flying to any of these cities anytime soon?