I was flying Vistara’s Boeing 787 business class to Delhi and, since I was booked in business class, I was able to review the domestic GVK Lounge at Mumbai airport. Here's what to expect if you're passing through anytime soon.

Arriving at Mumbai airport

I arrived at the airport around 9.20am and, after going through security check and a smooth check in experience at the Vistara booth, I headed towards the domestic gates.

Arriving at Mumbai airport
Checking in at Mumbai airport

About the domestic GVK Lounge

The domestic GVK Lounge is located on level three of terminal 2 at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, close to gates 40-45. The signs direct you to the lounge and are easy to follow.

Mumbai airport
Mumbai airport

This lounge is not to be confused with the international GVK lounge at Mumbai airport, which we reviewed here.

GVK Lounge review

I arrived at the lounge at around 9.45am, which gave me enough time to try out the services being provided, except the spa that wasn’t operational due to Covid.

Domestic GVK Lounge, Mumbai

I was asked for my boarding pass at the entrance, before being shown inside. If you are not flying business class and want to use the lounge facilities, you will have to pay INR 1,533 (USD 21).

Domestic GVK Lounge, Mumbai

First impressions were good, and the well-lit lounge area was quite spacious, with ample seating as well.

Domestic GVK Lounge, Mumbai lounge area

Rather than taking a seat here, I chose to head to the dining area, where the buffet spread was available and guests were lined up (while respecting the social distancing norms in place).

The bar is located between lounging and the dining areas, which looked quite good. However, it was early in the morning and I didn't want to indulge in any of its offerings just yet.

Domestic GVK Lounge, Mumbai bar

The buffet had a nice variety of food ranging from Indian dishes like idlis and egg bhurji, to continental cajun potatoes. There was a choice of fruits and cereals as well.

Domestic GVK Lounge, Mumbai seating
Domestic GVK Lounge, Mumbai buffet station
Domestic GVK Lounge, Mumbai buffet station
Domestic GVK Lounge, Mumbai buffet station

I kept my backpack at the table, and helped myself to idli (a savoury rice cake), aloo paratha (bread stuffed with potatoes), some sautéed potatoes and a carton of 'Frooti' juice.

Domestic GVK Lounge, Mumbai breakfast

There was a live station for egg and dosa, where I placed my order for a masala omelette.

Domestic GVK Lounge, Mumbai egg and dosa station

I was surprised by how quickly my omelette was served, especially because I noticed quite a few orders lined up at the live stations. The omelette wasn't anything special, but good enough.

Domestic GVK Lounge, Mumbai breakfast

Once I was done with my meal, I chose to get my coffee and have it in the lounging area. I had to help myself with the coffee machine, which was quite simple to operate.

Domestic GVK Lounge, Mumbai coffee machine

The lounging here is comfortable and one of the staff members even offered to get me something if I needed it - I liked this warm gesture from the staff.

At about 10.30am, I left the lounge and headed to the boarding gate for my much-awaited business class flight on the Vistara Boeing 787 - but not before taking a quick look at the spa facility in the lounge.

Domestic GVK Lounge, Mumbai spa

Summing up

The GVK lounge is a nice place for a quick stop before getting on with your travel, especially when you compare it to many of the other non-airline branded lounges you experience elsewhere.

There was plenty of food options and the quality was fine. The staff were warm, very attentive to guest’s needs and quick to respond. The bar looked well equipped as well, though I did not use it during my time there.

When I am flying, I usually like to arrive at the airport about an hour early so I can relax in the lounge before embarking on my journey. The domestic GVK lounge at Mumbai does the job perfectly.

Have you visited the GVK Lounge at Mumbai airport? What are your thoughts?