Hello from Hyderabad!

The members of my housing society planned a trip to Hyderabad, and so here I was, doing a train trip after more than two years.

We were booked on the Hussain Sagar Express for the 16-hour journey from Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus in Mumbai to Hyderabad Deccan Nampally station. I was riding in the third tier sleeper coach this time, a huge upgrade from the non-ac coach I took on an earlier trip from Gujarat to Kolkata (which was actually a great way to experience normal travel in India)!

I witnessed a beautiful sunrise during this train ride and I just couldn't not mention it.

After leaving Mumbai at around 9pm, we arrived in Hyderabad at 11.45am the next day (earlier than the scheduled arrival time of 12.10pm). It was overall a comfortable and safe journey, although the blankets and sheets aren’t being given out at the moment, due to Covid.

First impressions of Hyderabad

The cool breeze gushed through my face as I stood by the door while the train pulled into its final station on this journey. The empty platforms, echoing voices of porters from a distance and the pleasant weather made this a beautiful experience.

The porters loaded our luggage onto their carts and we started walking towards the exit. The station wasn’t very crowded and the honking and beeping was at a distance from here - it was all too soothing and surreal.

The peace was short-lived as we got in our cars and moved towards our accommodations, as we were soon hit by the bustling of the city. The people over here seem warm and helpful, and I didn’t find much negativity to report.

The unplanned architecture and the narrow lanes had a beauty of their own and I soon found my way to the rooftop - the perfect place to relax and soak up the city.

On the very first day itself, I visited a local restaurant for evening tea and ordered zafrani (saffron) tea - and this has got to be the best tea I have had in my entire life. I ordered another cup.

I’ll be in Hyderabad for a few more days now, and I’m planning to cover a lot, including the old and new cities (of course) as well as the major attractions. I’ll go in search of the perfect biriyani, plus I want to make time to visit Taj’s Falaknuma Palace - which has been called the only seven star hotel in India.

Stay tuned for more!