In the last couple of days we’ve been reporting how airports are planning to adapt to life after lockdown, and the steps they will take to ensure passenger safety when they are allowed to accept flights again.

Delhi airport has published a provisional plan of action, while the boss of Heathrow in London has basically said “forget it” to the idea of keeping people apart in an airport, pointing out that a queue for a single jumbo jet flight would stretch for more than a kilometre if social distancing guidelines were followed.

Now, the chief executive officer of Rajiv Gandhi airport in Hyderabad has posted a video to explain how he and his team are gearing up for the restarting of air travel.

Hyderabad airport chief’s YouTube video

According to Mr SGK Kishore, Hyderabad airport will be conducting thermal body temperature tests when passengers enter the airport as part of measures to make aviation “the safest” travel option for the public.

The plan is that any person with a high temperature will be referred to the “appropriate authorities”, who will give them the “proper attention” - which presumably means they won’t be allowed to board.

The airport is putting yellow crosses on every other seat in the departure lounges, indicating to passengers that they should not sit directly next to another person. Strips are also being laid on the floor at check-in desks, to show passengers where they must stand in order to keep a safe distance.

Hand sanitiser stations are also being set up throughout the airport.

Click below to watch the video in full:

Summing Up

Hyderabad is the latest airport to reveal its plan for safe operations post-lockdown, with a heavy emphasis on social distancing and cleanliness.

You can head to YouTube if you want to hear those measures directly from Mr SGK Kishore, the chief executive of the airport.

Do Hyderabad’s plans give you the confidence to use the airport after lockdown?