Japan Airlines (JAL) is flying the Bengaluru-Tokyo route this week, but only in order to repatriate its cizitens.

JAL was already supposed to be flying to Bengaluru by now

Back in October, JAL announced an expansion of its international flights from Tokyo Narita airport, including a new service to Bengaluru, as below:

Those flights were due to be operated by a 787 Dreamliner, with flat bed business class seats in a 2-2-2 configuration.

JAL’s Sky Suite business class

Flights to "India's Silicon Valley” were slated to begin on March 29, though the impact of coronavirus means those plans are scrapped for now.

JAL has decided to postpone the launch of its Narita-Bengaluru service until an unspecified future date.

It had hoped its new route to southern India would also be attractive to passengers from North America, connecting via Narita.

This week’s rescue flights

While it won’t be doing so on a regular basis for the time being, JAL will perform three “rescue” flights this week, helping Japanese citizens return home from Bengaluru.

The flights will leave Bengaluru on April 12, 13 and 14 as below:

Sunday night's flight progressed as planned, though the Flight Aware website stated that April 14's mission has been cancelled.

Summing Up

JAL will get a trial run of its new Bengaluru-Tokyo service this week, though not in the circumstances it would have hoped for.

Hopefully the coronavirus situation will improve in the coming weeks and months, and that JAL will soon be able to make this route a permanent fixture.

Were you looking forward to using JAL for flights from India to Japan (and beyond)?