Indians have only a limited window to fly to another city before the country grinds to a halt.

In a statement released today by the Press Information Bureau, the government announced the suspension of all domestic air services. It said:

“The operations of domestic schedule commercial airlines shall cease operations with effective from midnight 23.59 IST hours on 24/3/2020. Airlines have to plan operations so as to land at their destination before 2359 hours on 24/3/2020. The restrictions shall not apply to solely cargo carrying flights.”

The government had already announced the cancellation of all international flights, starting early on Monday morning.

India has also moved to cancel train services, inter-state bus services, metro services and all other public transport services in an attempt to contain the spread of coronavirus, which has so far infected over 430 people in the country.

New Delhi is not alone in imposing draconian measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

Sri Lanka’s measures

Sri Lanka's government has banned non-essential travel across the Indian Ocean island nation, though the government is allowing the transport of rice and other essential items.

A statement from the president's office said the government has banned the transport of tourists (who are a major income source for the country).

General holiday in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, the government  has ordered a 10-day general holiday lasting until April 4. It requires all government offices not involved in emergency services to be closed.

The measure came after the Bangladeshi authorities confirmed a third death due to coronavirus.

How has India’s latest shutdown affected your travel plans?