Qatar Airways is trying hard to win your travel business next year and has published some generous new policies.

Qatar offers unlimited date changes and fuss-free refunds

As we look ahead to 2021, perhaps with a little more confidence about making international travel plans, Qatar Airways has come up with new policies designed to offer “a full year of flexibility”.

The policies we’re covering today apply to all tickets issued before April 30, 2021 for travel completed by December 31, 2021 - so you can rest easy if you’re thinking of taking a trip next year.

First up, Qatar is offering unlimited date changes, meaning you can postpone your flights as many times as you like. Rebooking fees will be waived if reservations are amended before your scheduled departure, though any fare and tax differences will be payable.

The good news is that the airline is also offering fee-free refunds, meaning you can abandon your plans at any time and walk away with your cash back in your pocket. Full refunds are available at any time, no questions asked.

This also mitigates against any potentially large fare differences referred to above - if Qatar wants too much to reprice your trip, just cancel, get a refund and book a better deal with another airline!

As an alternative to a refund, you can cancel and take a voucher for future travel - those who’ve booked direct at will receive a 10% bonus on the value of their original ticket. The process for redeeming a travel voucher is quick and easy – just apply online and you’ll receive the voucher within 48 hours.

Qatar Airways chief executive, Akbar Al Baker, said:

“Throughout 2020, we have provided customers the ability to modify travel without penalties as a result of the disruption to global travel caused by COVID-19. As we look forward to the possibilities of travelling again next year, Qatar Airways will continue to be by our passengers’ side, offering continued flexibility throughout 2021 as the airline they can rely on.”

The airline is promoting its Qsuite business class cabin, with seats offering sliding privacy partitions and the option to use a ‘Do Not Disturb (DND)’ indicator. QSuites are available on more than 30 destinations, including Frankfurt, Kuala Lumpur, London and New York.

For more details on the flexible options available for 2021 travel, head over to the Qatar Airways website.

Summing up

Qatar Airways has come up with some smart moves to encourage us to get flying again in 2021, including unlimited date changes.

For me, the hassle-free refund is the best part, as it reduces any risk you might have, especially if you are unsure about making travel plans. If something goes wrong, you can’t travel for any reason or you find a better deal, just cancel your flight and get your money back.

Those who book directly on the Qatar Airways website can get a 10% bonus on the value of their ticket when they cancel and request a future travel voucher. Remember, to take advantage of the terms above, you must purchase your ticket by April 30, 2021.

Anyone tempted to book a Qatar Airways flight for travel in 2021?